In this project-based course students will learn web development using PHP 7 and Laravel Framework. It includes essentials of web programming in PHP 7, Object Oriented Programming in PHP 7, Installation and Configuration of Laravel Framework, database development using Eloquent (Laravel ORM Framework) and MySql. The students will also learn to take advantage of Laravel Framework’s MVC Architecture, its Blade template system and its powerful routing features. The course also covers REST APIs / REST Services development using PHP and Laravel Framework.
Brief Contents
Setting Development Environment for PHP using Xammp & Netbeans
Introduction to PHP 7, Basics PHP syntax & Conditional Statements
PHP Programming: Loops (for, While , Do-while & Foreach)
PHP Programming: Arrays , Super Global Arrays & Functions
PHP Programming: Built in function’s
PHP Programming: Intro to OOP, Data members & Data function
PHP Programming: Access modifiers & Encapsulation
PHP Programming: Magic Methods, Setter, Getter & Constructors
PHP Programming: Inheritances, Polymorphism, Abstraction
PHP Programming: Interfaces, Final Class, Static Function
Introduction of Git Version-Control System & Git Installation
Flow chart of Repositories, Branches & Git Commands
Installing SourceTree GUI for Git & Composer Package Manager for PHP
Download Latest Laravel Framework via Composer
Intro of Laravel Directory Structure, Laravel Routing
Laravel Framework: Create Controller via PHP Artisan
Laravel Framework: Intro to Blade Template Engine
Laravel Framework: Integrating Front-End theme to Laravel
Laravel Framework: Build a Template Configuration based
Laravel Framework: Create a components blade file and load in main controller file
Laravel Framework: Load Layout in controller
Laravel Framework: Create a global css and js file and load in main controller
Laravel Framework: Download Laravel html collection package (form and html).
Laravel Framework: Create a registration form & Intro of CSRF Token
Laravel Framework: Create Forms & Handling Client side validation
Laravel Famrwork: Uploading / Downloading Images using Laravel
Introduction to Lumen Laravel Micro Framework for REST Services
Create & Managing Databases for Web using MySQL
Intro of Eloquent Laravel ORM Framework & Installation
Database Programming using Eloquent & MySql
Migration, Schema Builder, Seeders & Factories Eloquent
REST APIs / REST Services: API routes, Controllers & Models
Essentials of cURL for Consuming REST APIs / REST Services
Consuming REST Services / REST API using AJAX and JSON
Essentials of Angular for Creating Modern Web Applications
Testing, Debugging & Publishing PHP & Laravel Web Applications
Training Methodology
Lectures & Demos by industry experts
Project Driven Hands-On approach
Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
Projects, assignments & quizzes for participant’s evaluation
Students & Graduates of Computer Science looking for future in Web Development
Front End Web Developers interested in learning Back End Web Development
Web Developers interesting in Web Development using PHP & Laravel Framework
Web Designers interested in Web Development using PHP & Laravel Framework
Any person looking for future in Web Development using PHP 7 & Laravel Framework
Course Project
Participants of the course will develop a commercial level web application with help of their trainers using PHP 7, MySql & Laravel Framework. It includes developing and consuming REST Services and database programming using Eloquent (Laravel ORM Framework).
On successful completion of the course participants will be awarded a participation certificate from V3 Professional Training Institute
Duration & Frequency
3 Month (12 weeks; with 3 training sessions of 1.5 hours a week)

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